Welcome to Remalldere

This is a dumb webcomic and multimedia project I decided to make.
No guarentees about anything, but I hope to complete it one day.

This project is, loosely, about the fictional world of Remalldere.
Expect lots of dumb jokes, unnecessary edge,
moments trying their hardest to be emotional, and cool math shirts.

Once I get around to it, a short description of the rules of this world,
along with bios of its inhabitants, will be available here

This comic/project may also feature this conlang I made.
It's really cool guys I swear, but other than a general description of
the script(s) and how to pronounce it
, I wont be giving any tutorials.
You wanna figure it out, go read the comic.

Main comic (currently Dreamerell) updates on Mondays.
(not every monday, but almost always on a monday)